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SDTP-2007 starts on June 30, 2007.
Registration deadline is April 20, 2007.

May 4, 2007 The SDTP-2007 program was renewed.
The older news you can read in our NEWS ARCHIEVE.

Our forums

Unofficial SDTP forum

Official YSC and SDTP forum. This forum means for news, dialogues and questions related to all YSCs' programs. (by Yaskevich Nikita).



Our galleries

SDTP-2006 Gallery

This's the gallery of most interesting photos from the annual international students' workshop SDTP. (by Elena Chernetsova).



Other SDTP-related web-resources


The official site of our partner and friend organisation - UK SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space).



This is the SDTP-2000 gallery of  Mr. Mark Bentley  


Our video archieve

 The YSC video presentation which was made for UK SEDS conference and for other purposes. The official english version.
 (Presented by Nikita Yaskevich.)
Watch! >>>


The full video of "Dnepr's" 65 second flight on July 26, 2006 from Baikonur. Start, flight and explosion with 18 satellites from 7 countries onboard. (Presented by Nikita Yaskevich.)
Watch! >>>



 A brief clip about scientific trip to Italy in October 2004.
 (Presented by Nikita Yaskevich.)
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