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Microsatellite "Baumanetz"
General Characteristics

A vehicle designed will have mass not more than 100 kg and under western classification gets to a class of microsatellites. A number of design characteristics of the vehicle are a result of requirements of the main useful load - a digital multispectral camera for survey of an underlying earth surface.

the vehicle will be inserted to a near-earth sun-synchronous orbit with the height from 500 km. Orbit correction after the insertion is not provided. A period of active existence on orbit is not less than 1 year.


  • mass not more than 100 kg;
  • overall dimensions not more than 700х700х700 mm (cube);
  • 3-axis stabilization;
  • orientation accuracy - not worse 2° by all three axes;
  • stabilization - not worse 4 angular minutes per second by all three axes.
General requirements to elements of microsatellite systems:
  1. Normal operation after mechanical overloads, vibrations, accelerations, impact loads taking place at the stage of the SV insertion.
  2. Stable behavior in conditions of vacuum and radiation exposure during a required period of the satellite operation on orbit.
  3. Off-the-shelf availability.
  4. Small masses and overall dimensions.
  5. Reasonable cost.
  6. A possibility of redundancy.

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