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Project Group

A Project Group of MSTU by N.E.Bauman consists of 7 students and 2 postgraduates.

РThe leadership of the project is::

1. Victoriya Ivanovna Mayorova

a research manager of the project

2. Anatoly Gennadyevitch Kopik( )

a coordinator of the project

4. Vasily Muravyov (

a technical manager of the project


Composition of the Project Group of MSTU by N.E.Bauman::




Purpose and main goals

Main characteristics;

Experiments performed;

Structure and an elementary diagram of SV systems connections;

Stanislav Karpenko

Construction and arrangement


LV selection;

Construction of the microsatellite and its on-board systems;

Construction of the microsatellite. Materials and coatings applied ;

Mass-inertia, balancing and couple characteristics ;

Loads and robustness, elastic dynamic characteristics;

Drawing album;

Technology of microsatellite manufacturing

Muravyev Vasily>

Power-supply system (СЭП)

Electric power generation;

Construction and characteristics of "Kvant" photoconverters;

Construction and characteristics of "Pozit" photoconverters;

Construction and characteristics of a chemical accumulator battery;

Construction and characteristics of НИЛАКТ (NILAKT) control and monitoring automation;

Power supply of the microsatellite

Andrey Karandayev


Scheme of insertion to orbit

Ballistic characteristics

Aerodynamic characteristics 

1. Bechasnov Pavel,
2. Mazurova Elena

Attitude control

Electromagnetic stabilization system

Orientation and stabilization system 

Stanislav Karpenko

Aerodynamic characteristics

Dynamic characteristics   

Kirill Maiorov

Ground complex


1. Belozerov Aleksandr
2. Medvedev Aleksandr
3. Horev Andrey

On-board computer (БВМ)


1. Stanislav Karpenko
2. Belozerov Aleksandr

Programming, on-board software

1. Muravyev Vasily
2. Stanislav Karpenko
3. Horev Andrey
4. Medvedev Aleksandr


Ground operations and ecological providing

Elena Mazurova

Feasibility study

Elena Fomchenkova


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