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MSTU by N.E.Bauman. The Youth Space Center.
The Microsatellite "Baumanetz"

Youth Space Center

At the present time the Youth Space Center of MSTU by Bauman jointly with a number of organizations of Russian space industry is developing the students microsatellite "Baumanetz". Space-vehicle launching is planned to perform in 2005 as one of measures within celebration of 175-years jubilee of Moscow State Technical University by Bauman.

The project received support of the Government of Russia and is realizing according to a Decree of the President of RF, orders of the Ministry of Education and Roscosmos.
The vehicle is intended for execution of a number of scientific and educational goals.
Scientific goals include:

  • getting of scientific data in the field of earth exploration using advanced methods;
  • debugging of satellite vehicle (spacecraft, SC) control methods
  • study of new instruments behavior in space conditions.
    Microsatellite 'Baumanetz'

Educational goals:

  • acquisition by students of practical experience of real space vehicle designing, manufacturing and operation from the position of an experiment stage manager, designer and researcher;
  • students' cooperation with experienced specialists;
  • stuff training and preparation of a base for development of microsatellite systems;
  • attraction of creative youth to cosmic exploration by means of:
  • housel of school and students collectives to space experimentation and received results processing,
  • organization of seminars and conferences on problems of Earth exploration from outer space,
  • placement of scientific data in the Internet,
  • development of international cooperation.

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