The Youth Space Center of Bauman Moscow State Technical University conducts the workshop for space enthusiasts (only students) every year to provide participants with an opportunity to discuss the results of the year passed in space focusing on Russian and International programs, see and touch the real space hardware and meet people working on the front edge of space science and technology. The workshop program has been conducted since 1996. It began with FPSpace-96 and FPSpace-97  done jointly with Friends & Partners in Space, that was followed by Space Development: Theory & Practice International Workshop in 1998 when the workshop became annual. This year we have a pleasure to invite you to Space Development: Theory & Practice - 2019 International Workshop scheduled for July 6-20, 2019. 

You will spend a nice week in Moscow - the capital of Russia. You will attend the workshop opening ceremony in Federal Space Agency breefing room where the most critical desicions are discussed by Federal Space Agency authorities. You will visit the leading Russian companies working for space program as well as Bauman Moscow State Technical University - one of the major educational and research centers in Russian space technologhy. You will go to Mission Control Center and see how the International Space Station is controlled. In Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center you will see how cosmonauts are trained for the future flights.You will talk to people for whom space science and technology is not just a field of activity - it's their way of life. And of course you will have an outstanding opportunity to share your view of space activities of the humankind with the other space interested people. Be sure you will get tons of new first hand information and make many friends. 

The home base for SpaceDTP-2019 is the BMSTU student's hostel number 11 located near BMSTU and the center of Moscow. SpaceDTP-2019 participants will stay in double economy class rooms with showers and televisions in every room. Transportation for SpaceDTP-2019 will be provided in a Western-style coach. 

Keep in mind all the events will take in Moscow or very close to it. This means you've got an opportunity to see Russia and  get a feel  of Russian culture. If you decide to take part in the optional cultural program you will have a chance to see most of attractions of  Moscow. Two days will be quite enough to do it. 

We, the Youth Space Center members working to organize this event are in love with space and the key reason for us to set up this workshop is desire to meet the other space interested people and make friends to them . Russia has been one of the major contributors to world space science and technology and it is always ready to share it's knowledge, expertize and hospitality with the other nations of the world. We welcome you to Russia and we will do our best to make your staying here a pleasure.