If the Space Development: Theory & Practice - 2022 International Workshop is of interest to you and you would like to participate please take the steps as follows:

  1. Read the Booking Conditions thoroughly and check if they suit you. If they do and you accept them, proceed with the next step.

  2. You will need a formal letter of invitation to get Russian visa and we will provide it to you. In order to produce such a letter we will need some information about you. First, we will need a copy of first two pages of your passport. The best way to do it is to find a scaner, open the passport, put it on the scaner, scan it with 300 dpi resolution in grayscale mode, save as JPEG file and then send the file to and please send a copy to coordinator Katerina Zherebtsova If you absolutely can't do that you can fax a copy of your passort to +7(499)261-3614

  3. Download the application form, fill it in and send to the above mentioned address. 

Attention, please.
Application deadline - May, 30.