International Programs:  

"Space development: theory and practice" annual workshop

YSC carries out the workshop for space enthusiasts every year in July to give russian and foreign participants an opportunity to discuss the results of the year passed in space focusing on Russian and International programs, see and touch the real space hardware and meet people working on the frontedge of space science and technology. The workshop program has been hold since 1996. It began with FPSpace-96 and FPSpace-97 done jointly with "Friends & Partners in Space", that was followed by "Space Development: Theory & Practice" International Workshop in 1998 when the workshop become annual. Currently the center is working on "Space Development: Theory &Practice - 2019", International Workshop scheduled for July 6 - 20, 2019.

Home Programs:

Practical Cosmonautics

A series of lectures on various aspects of space technology for BMSTU students studying spaceengineering. Lectures are delivered by the leading Russian experts in the field and provide the studentswith first hand information on space systems design and operation as well as current status and historyof Russian space program. The program started in 1995. Cosmonauts - Bauman graduates were originators ofthe program concept and the first lecturers.


Annual scientific conference on space technology for high school students. This effort provides youngpeople interested in space and willing to devote themselves to space engineering with an opportunity toshare their ideas with the other conference participants and present their projects to the board ofBauman professors and space technology experts. Basing on results of the presentations and schoolrecords of participants the board selects a group of students to admit to Bauman Moscow State TechnicalUniversity without taking an entrance examination.

Student microsatellite project

July 26, 2006. The "Dnepr" rocket with 18 satellites onboard falled down in a Kazakh desert from the 150 km height due to the abnormal working of its engine.That was the very begining as well as the disappointing unpredictable end of "Baumanets" space mission. This satellite was developed and assembled in the close cooperation and participation of BMSTU students and post-graduates. This project showed the practical meaning of such cooperation for educational goals. Thus, this project will be continued and perhaps in the nearest future we'll be able to see the renewed version of "Baumanets" - "Baumanets-M"!

Watch the video of "Dnepr" explosion (presented by Nikita Yaskevich) >>>