BMSTU, SM,YSC, supported by RSA, organised Educational Europe Tour 18-29 August for 40 students study space science and space technologies. Мы в автобусе
During the trip participants visited German Aerospace Center (DLR) and The European Astronaut Center (EAC), Cologne (Germany), The European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC), Noordwijk (Netherlands) and Aerospace Museum Le Bourget, Paris (France).

In DLR we met Mr. Klaus Berge, Space Projects Director, who presented DLR programs and projects, Mr. Sergei Teselkin, Russian Space Agency Representative in Germany, Prof. Dr. Rupert Gerzer, Director of the Institute of Aerospace Medicine Prof. Dr. Rupert Gerzer
After the welcome meeting students had facility tour in DLR. "Matreshka" experiment (research of radiation influence on human organs in space) was presented. The experiment will be implemented on ISS (Zvezda module) in 2 years. The EAC specialists demonstrated the training facilities for all ISS astronauts on ESA flight elements and payloads.

In ESTEC we had a unique opportunity to see the Rosetta Lander test facilities. In January 2003 ESA will send Rosetta on a mission of more than ten years, to rendezvous with Comet Wirtanen. Also we saw assembly of SMART-1, the Moon exploration probe (launch expected at the end of 2002), which will demonstrate solar-electric propulsion and new technologies for future space missions. The great interest was Columbus laboratory model, we saw in presentation hall. ESTEC ESTEC2


National Aerospace Museum Le Bourget gave us a fresh look on space and aviation development history. Le Bourget
We had very interesting cultural program. We remembered to see Louvre and Notre Dam cathedral, Eiffel Tower and Fragonard Parfum Museum Louvre