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31 December, 2006, Sunday

The YSC congratulates you with New Year! We wish you success, happiness, and strong health! YSC members.

22 November, 2006, Wednesday

The crew of YSC has just returned home from the annual UK SEDS conference. This year the conference was named "Back to the Moon". The representatives of the YSC made a presentation there and video presentation as a workshop report as well. You can DOWNLOAD it. The photo report will be available soon!

26 September, 2006, Tuesday

The new academic year has already started and it's time to think about what you're going to do next summer. We suggest you taking part in our annual summer students workshop "Space development: theory and practice." Also you may visit 2 our new forums that have just started: the official forum and unofficial SDTP related forum. Welcome to the world of the YSC!

26 July, 2006, Wednesday

26 July, 2006, Kazakhstan, Baikonur cosmodrome. The rocket "Dnepr" that carried to orbit 18 satellites from 7 countries dropped down to the Earth surface after 65 seconds of flight due to abnormal working of its first stage engine. All of payload including our micro-satellite "Baumanets" that was made by BMSTU, dropped down to the Earth and collapsed. The video of the rocket flight from the very begining till the end you can download here. We apologise for not good enough quality of this video, but it is caused by technical reasons.

12 July, 2006, Wednesday

1-11 July, 2006, Russia, Moscow region, Korolev. The 9th International Students Workshop "Space development: theory and practice" was carryed out by Youth Space Center (BMSTU) with the support of the Russian Federal Space Agency. The participants presented their scientific works and projects as well as discussed the major problems of the development of Space with scientists and experts in each kind of space activities and researches. Science classes, meeting with cosmonauts and astronauts, visiting of space museums, introducing in a history of space-orientated industry development were accompanied by wide cultural program. One of the most interesting events during this workshop, that didn't leave any indifferent to it, was the docking procedure of the Space Shuttle and the ISS, that could be watched on two huge monitors in the Mission Contol Center during the excursion to it.